Power Laces: Possible Release Date Hidden In Video From 2011

Imagine living in a world so advanced that you don’t even have to tie your shoes. That’s the dream. You just slip on your shoes and it has the ease and comfort of slippers, but the tightness and flexibility of a sneaker. Seems impossible, right? The stuff of legend only found in Back to the Future. Well, scratch that limiting belief. It’s impossible no longer.

Power Laces! Alright!

In 2011, Nike promised they would release real, working Power Laces in 2015. Well, it’s now 2015, The Year of The Future, and while they’ve reaffirmed this ambition, they still haven’t given an official release date. It’s easy to feel teased by big corporate shoe makers and their Master Plan to build a sense of mystery, intrigue, desire, and demand for this futuristic footwear.

Before you go joining conspiracy forums looking for answers, be rest assured I’ve already done all the legwork and footwork in my normal shoes with unpowered laces. If you look closely at this ad Nike released in 2011, we find something extraordinary.

Doc bursts in a Nike store and asks for Power Laces. Upon realizing he’s not actually in 2015, Doc rushes out to the DeLorean and sets the Destination Time to exactly 4 years later. Look closely at the Time Circuits in this expertly crafted scene, because this is some serious foreshadowing.

Why this particular date? The future setting of BttF II was October 21st, 2015. This date seems completely random, unless it’s the day Power Laces are released! Doc must’ve originally traveled ahead, saw when they were released, and traveled back to the release date to buy them before they sold out. That was his unspoken goal from the very beginning of this commercial.

If this is true, then Power Laces will be released on September 8th, 2015.

September 8th, 2015!

Just imagine how productive we’d be if we didn’t waste time tying our shoes. We could probably double the amount of hidden dates we find in old YouTube videos!

After September, we’ll just have to wait until October 21st, 2015 for real, working hoverboards. All that’s left are self-drying jackets, flying cars, and a fax machine in every room of the house. Then we’ll truly be living in, as Bob Gale put it, “the future if the 80’s had never ended.”

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