UK Woman Supposedly Invents Time Machine, Then Asks For Help on GumTree

Stephen Hawking once said, “If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” Good question. Here are a few possible answers. Either they all avoid this era for reasons we’ll soon discover on our own, or they are here and just don’t want to be discovered, or perhaps one has to look no further than ads in a classifieds site to find them.

Anna, from the UK, posted on GumTree (British Craigslist, I guess) on June 5th claiming to have been working on a time machine in the last few months. She’s already sent mice through time. I suppose if you’re from the country that gave us HG Wells and Doctor Who then building a time machine takes no time at all.

However, she has no idea whether the mice were sent forward or backward in time. They could have easily been disintegrated just as Marty McFly assumed Einstein was. And she wants to take the time machine to an open area like the beach to “prevent property damage.” And she wants someone to volunteer to be a human test subject with her. If you’re brave enough to risk being atomized, send her an email.


For the past few months I have been working on a design for a time machine in my garage. So far I have been able to make mice disappear but I don’t know if they are going back or forward in time? I’m looking for a time travel partner, male or female who is open minded with a good sense of humour to accompany me on my first human transportation.

Owner drivers would be a plus as the machine needs to be taken to a wide open space like a beach to prevent property damage. Happy to split fuel costs 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


Who knows? At the very least you can figure out how she built a time machine in just a few months and how she was able to use it in her garage if it needs a wide open space. Maybe she accidentally destroyed her neighborhood? She also said you need a good sense of humor so hopefully you’ll be able to laugh about that with her.

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