[Video] Bob Gale: “No Remakes! No Back to the Future Part 4!” Followed by Applause

People have recently theorized that a Back to the Future reboot is in the works. Fortunately, Robert Zemeckis announced the idea was stupid and that we might as well remake Citizen Kane. Those of you who reveled in this news should see this video I took of Bob Gale giving a Q&A at the National DeLorean Car Show in 2012.

Please excuse the crudity of this video. My portable television studio was my phone.

Someone had previously asked about the Back to the Future Game. Bob mentioned in his answer that the game is basically the next part of the story. He was the story consultant after all.

Understandably, someone then asks about the possibility of a new movie. To which Bob Gale exclaims,

“No Remakes! No Back to the Future Part 4!”

After that, everyone applauded, DeLorean engines roared, flux capacitors fluxed, and everyone came back to live the moment again. Turned out every DeLorean was the same and every other person was me.

If you want to see the full Q&A, here it is below.

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