Today Is Back To The Future Day! 9 Things Are Happening

Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone. We’re finally here and the world is celebrating. New products are being released. Special events are happening. Flux capacitors are fluxing.

Now let’s finally reveal: The Future

The Future

“I gotta check this out, Doc!”

9. Pepsi Perfect

Perfect. Just Perfect.

Here’s the futuristic drink sold in the Cafe 80’s. It almost didn’t make the list. Pre-orders were apparently sold out before the clock even struck midnight this morning. Then Pepsi released this tweet claiming it’s coming back (to the future).

I’ll update this list with a link when they release it again. Perfect. Just Perfect.

Update: Pepsi had some trouble with this. Their shop was unprepared for the number of people who wanted the official product. Their website went down a few times and quickly sold out.

For now, just keep an eye on eBay if you want the official Pepsi Perfect for a few hundred dollars or just make your own for a few dollars.

8. Nike

Power Laces! On Right! Cosplayers and collectors rejoice. Nike has promised to not only release the Power Laces, but also re-release the Nike Bruins Marty wore for most of the series. Be on the lookout for an event with Nike and Michael J Fox later today, judging by this cryptic tweet from yesterday:

Again, this list will be updated when more information about the futuristic shoes are revealed.

Update: Here’s the video of Michael J Fox trying on the Power Laces:

According to their official Nike MAG site, they will be released as an auction item in Spring 2016. Looks like our hopes of the Power Laces being mass produced are destroyed.

7. Hill Valley, Virginia

Reston, VA is changing its name to Hill Valley for one week. The city council is either full of diehard fans or marketing geniuses. Today their theaters are playing marathons of all three movies and this Sunday Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, and Bob Gale will appear at a screening.

"Marty! That is completely out of the question; you must not leave this house!"

“I can spend a week in [Hill Valley]. I can hang out. You can show me around…”

6. Back to the Future Trilogy Full Score on Vinyl

Back to the Future Vinyl Soundtrack

If you’ve listened to the soundtracks like me, you may have felt the official releases of the second and third movies’ music felt a bit incomplete. You definitely heard more in the movie. Now, you can finally have it all. Mondo is releasing the entire score in lossless vinyl, with over 40 minutes of previously unreleased content, and beautiful artwork. About 30 years ago the previous generation wasn’t ready to hear it all. Now their kids are gonna love it.

5. Back in Time

The documentary Back in Time focuses on the unbelievable cultural impact of the trilogy. It’s a love letter to the series as the cast, crew, and fans relate their own personal stories about what the movies mean to them. Check out the trailer:

4. The Ultimate Visual History

Back to the Future Visual History

The Back to the Future Ultimate Visual History is a comprehensive book telling the compelling, visually stunning story of the making of the movies. It includes new interviews with the cast and crew. It’s the ultimate buy for any collector, as it includes several removable paper props:

  • Hill Valley High School Tardy Slip
  • Back to the Future The Ride security pass
  • Save the Clocktower leaflet
  • Sepia photograph of Marty and Doc from Part III
  • Marty’s note to Doc from the first film with the envelope
  • George McFly’s book
  • Jaws 19 movie poster
  • George and Lorraine’s prom photo
  • Doc’s flux capacitor sketch from the first film
  • Doc’s note to Marty from 1885
  • Biff one dollar bill from Part II
  • Blast from the Past receipt from Part II
  • Lenticular version of the iconic McFly family photo from the first film

This is heavy. The book is a steal at $30.

3. 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Bluray

Back to the Future Bluray

Not only does this Back to the Future Bluray have two hours of brand new features, it also brings back the old Back to the Future cartoon! The non-canon cartoon featuring live action scenes of Christopher Lloyd and Bill Nye has finally been released in a home video format. This collection also includes the Visual History mentioned above!

2. Back to the Future Comics

Back to the Future Comic

The adventure continues! IDW released the first issue of a new Back to the Future mini series. The comics are written by Bob Gale and answers several old questions about the story, such as how did Marty and Doc meet? Comic collectors can place this next to their 7 issues of the Back to the Future comic released in the early 90’s.

1. We’re Going Back

We're Going Back

Great Scott! This is the ultimate Back to The Future party. In LA this week, from the 21st to the 25th, you can meet the cast and crew, get a tour of the Universal backlot, ride a hover board, visit a secret area north of Burbank made to look like Hill Valley, see the screen used DeLorean, watch a premiere of a documentary about restoring it, buy screen used props at an auction, and more! Check out their website for more details.

Have a great time in the future, everyone. Just remember the future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.

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