Peter Jackson Films Response To Directing Doctor Who

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Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015


Peter Jackson posted a video response to Steven Moffat’s seemingly constant pleas to direct an episode of Doctor Who. In the video, he appears to finally say, “Oh, alright” without officially confirming anything.

Peter Capaldi enters the video, in character as the Doctor, and delivers another request to Peter Jackson, as if he’s Hagrid making sure Harry gets his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Afterwards, a dalek, perhaps from Jackson’s own collection and voiced by Nicholas Briggs, rolls on-screen and threatens all of humanity. Looks like Peter Jackson will have to direct an episode to save the world!

This will not be the first time Peter Jackson and Steven Moffat have worked together. They teamed up to create the film The Adventures of Tintin. Moffat was one of the three writers and Jackson was producer and second unit director.

(Also, Peter Jackson sure likes bookmarking his copy of The Silmarillion.)

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