DeLorean Bicycle Built In Madrid, Resembles Doc’s Bike in Universal Studios Orlando

DeLorean Bike

A bicycle modeled after the DeLorean Time Machine was recently built in Madrid. The General Traffic Department of Spain decided if they’re going to draw people away from cars to fight pollution, they might as well do it with some style. (Though to me it’s a little strange they’d start pushing bicycling instead of fusion technology. They clearly have Mr Fusion right there on the bike.) You can see more of the bike in the video below, along with a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Bike and a Dumb and Dumber Sheepdog Bike.

Now, what what I find interesting is this is not the first time a DeLorean bicycle has been created. In fact, it was Universal themselves that gave their Doc Brown character performer in Universal Studios Orlando an official DeLorean bike. Check out this video of the bike from 2009.

(I don’t expect either bike will reach 88 MPH, unless Doc builds a contraption that lets a train push them.)

Doc’s DeLorean bike is fitting to me, since he rode a bike in Part II. If you saw the Madrid bike and thought, “Hey, wait, doesn’t Marty ride a skateboard or maybe a hover board?” then just imagine this as Doc’s bicycle. He’d be the inventor anyway.

Have any readers in Madrid seen this bike? If so, share some photos before it gets erased from existence!

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