Tiny Linux Computer Built Into Vortex Manipulator From Doctor Who

If you’re going to build a computer into a wristband, why not do it with some style? That’s what Jeremy Lee decided when he added a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero computer into his Vortex Manipulator. Can it travel in time? That remains to be seen, but check out this video where he shows off how he can play Minecraft on his wrist:

Interestingly, he recommends that nobody attempt this project, because even he is surprised it worked. He believes the components should not have fit. Perhaps his Vortex Manipulator is bigger on the inside? Since we all know that his warning won’t dissuade people from trying this, here’s more information on his blog, The Unorthodox Engineers.

According to his guide, here is everything you will need:

And of course, a Vortex Manipulator. Good luck and enjoy the Smart Watch Time Machine!

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