Power Laces In Stores November 28! (Update: Actually it’s December 1)

I’ve written some wishful thinking about Power Laces in the past. First I wrongly predicted a release date by thinking I found a clue in a video from 2011. Then I followed Nike’s big announcement planned for Back to the Future Day, which turned out to just be a fun video of Michael J Fox trying on an early version of the shoes. It was heavy, but still nothing about when or if Power Laces will ever be sold in stores. Was it just a short-lived gimmick like Pepsi Perfect, which sold out in only a few hours? Pepsi didn’t anticipate that much demand.

But Nike can see the market value and we finally have our answer. Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 will be in stores on November 28 December 1, 2016. HyperAdapt? Well, Marty only called it Power Laces. Who knows what it was really called in Back to the Future’s deepest lore? Griff referred to Marty’s shoes as “un-velked” instead of “untied.” Perhaps that term will catch on, but can we trust Griff either? There wasn’t even any velcro involved. He has a few short circuits in his bionic implants. So we have to come to terms with how we can’t trust anything in the movie about “Power Laces.” They’re HyperAdapt. Check out the video above to learn more, since we clearly know nothing.

Still no price yet. So grab your suitcase full of cash from different eras. You have to be prepared for all monetary possibilities.


You have a mission to accomplish!

UPDATE November 15, 2016: The release date is now December 1 and the price is now $720. Great Scott! Fortunately the date and price mean little to a shrewd time traveling investor like you.

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