Nike HyperAdapt Power Laces Sold In NYC Store Today! More Cities Get It December 20

New York’s Nike SoHo Store is finally getting the HyperAdapt, the shoes Marty called Power Laces in Back to the Future. If you’re not in New York and don’t trust a NY resident to get the shoes for you, then look forward to the shoes also being released in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles on December 20.

If you are in New York however, check out the NY Nike events page to schedule an appointment to buy the shoes. (I found it funny that the SoHo store appointments begin at 10:04, the same time lightning strikes the Hill Valley Clock Tower) Unfortunately however, all slots are full at the moment.

So no matter what city you’re in, if you plan to get these $720 futuristic shoes, I recommend you download the NIKE+ app. That app will apparently notify you whenever appointments open up. Speaking of the app, remember when I said the shoes will go on sale November 28, then corrected myself to December 1? Turns out I was right all along. Some users were notified with that same app to make early appointments. Looks like the app is a must have if you want these shoes.

If you’re afraid you’ll miss out on this opportunity, you can buy reservations for NY SoHo appointments on eBay for a few thousand dollars. Of course then you still have to pay the $720 once you get to the appointment. It’s entirely up to you. If I were you I’d make a substantially less expensive best offer. If that guy really wanted to make money he’d buy the shoes and sell it for an extra few thousand, like this guy. But that guy selling the reservation probably doesn’t even have $720, so low-ball him. He’ll cave.

If you really want to be like Marty McFly with power lacing Nike Mags, you’ll have to pay far more. Last month Nike had a raffle to win exactly that: Nike Mag HyperAdapts. 89 people won a pair. (I bought two raffle tickets but wasn’t one of the 89.) Here’s a pair on eBay for $57,200. Great Scott.

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