How Would You React If You Saw This Trailer For Back to the Future 4?

Here’s a chilling scenario. Continue at your own risk.

You’re in a movie theater. Previews are still getting thrown at you. A teaser comes up, where a couple of guys are walking through the woods at night, you hear Seth Rogen laughing. James Franco keeps telling him to be quiet and then smiles and says, ‘Here it is,’ and shines his flashlight at the back of the DeLorean revealing the license plate, OUTAWEED.

Rogen (still laughing) and Franco get into the badly beaten time machine, and use the Flux Capacitor as a bong. Smoke fills the screen and the title, B4CK T0 TH3 FUTUR3: 4:20, appears. Seth Rogen is still laughing.

How would you handle this?

*sad reacts only*
Famery Gai

Wow. This obvious wordsmith Famery Gai asked how we’d handle it then immediately told us the only appropriate reaction. Sad! If you’re a free thinker with more to add, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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